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Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Home finishes can quickly look dated and out of step with the rest of your home if they are installed at different times. Most people do not have enough money to do a complete home renovation all at once so, it is helpful to identify which rooms will be renovated and have an overall master plan for the whole house. This will give your home a cohesive, timeless feel.

Kitchen renovation with existing wood island.

Identify which rooms you will be renovating.

This seems like an easy step. You simply decide which rooms are to be renovated and you are good to go. Not so fast. Renovations have a way of expanding from room to room and, if left unchecked, can consume the entire house. It is important that you make an overall plan. Identify rooms that do not function for you and your family. Decide whether the layout needs to be changed, hard finishes need to be updated or new paint can refresh your space.


Start by setting goals. A typical goal might be something like: we will renovate the kitchen in a year because it does not suit our needs. It is important to then take stock of all the other spaces close to the kitchen and decide 1) to leave them as they are or 2) to renovate them at some point in the future. This is critical because typically once you renovate a room it looks so good that the other spaces begin to feel tired. It is not uncommon for homeowners to let the renovation “creep” into another room without really having a good plan or money allocated.


Most people do not like to spend time planning. They want to get right in and start the project before fully fleshing it out on paper. Don’t skip this stage. Let this stage be long and slow. Define your needs verses your wants. Decide which rooms need to be updated sooner verses later. Spend time researching options. Make a budget. It is best to identify everything up front, so you know where the project is going and how much it is likely to cost. Kitchen renovations are not only the most disruptive to family life, they are the most costly. Bathrooms are also high on the list for disruption and cost. Take your time in the planning stage, it will pay off in the end.


Time is an important consideration when renovating. It is perfectly fine to renovate spaces within your home at different times but, it is important to remember that some materials and products may get discontinued by the manufacturer. Colors go in and out of favor and may even disappear altogether. Be cautious when choosing your finishes and steer away from current trends if your renovation is a long way off. Stick to classic hard finish choices so they will be available when you begin your project. Identify all finishes that will remain or be replaced in your home from the start of planning. This will help narrow your choices of your new finishes, lead to obvious color scheme constraints and help your home avoid looking dated.

If you are looking for a comprehensive package of hard finish suggestions, shop my various finish schemes for sale. The PDF download is a materials list of coordinated hard finishes and appropriate foundation whites for kitchens or baths. Be sure to get both corresponding rooms if you are planning a complete remodel.





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