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More Thoughts on Timeless Design.

I will admit, I am a bit obsessed with timeless design and how to get it. I can’t help but want to reinforce the difference between trendy and timeless design because homeowners rarely get the opportunity to change major finishes in their homes. Even with the onset of DIY and HGTV, let's face it, it is expensive to remove and replace interior hard finishes.

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Interior Design.

I love interior design. It seems like I am always looking a images of interiors on the web or on pinterest. I have even been known to spend time looking at old, interior design magazines. Some of these magazines go way back in time.

Funny thing is that I can look at these magazines and realize what year the interiors were designed without really looking at the cover date. I can do the same thing when I look at real-estate listing photos on the web. It becomes so clear when these kitchens and baths were installed or renovated. This is because of the materials, color and patterns used in the interior hard finishes. Walls typically get repainted often, but tile backsplashes, countertops and flooring rarely gets updated.

What is a timeless interior?

What I also realized from perusing these old interior design magazines is that, even though the magazine was showing cutting edge design at the time, there are very few interiors that look or feel current; an interior that we would feel comfortable living in today.

What is more fascinating is that there are, in fact, a few interiors that look like they were designed recently. They look and feel current. Somehow, they transcend time. This to me is the meaning of timeless. These are the interiors that I am most interested.

Not all these interiors look as though they are pristine. Most have a patina or lived-in look to them. These are the ones I am drawn to most. I believe much of the draw is tied to the quality of materials being used, the colors, the patterns and overall craftsmanship. These interiors used materials that age well over time. The colors used seem to reflect a mood that doesn’t date. The patterns used are long-lasting. The interior details and finishes compliment the exterior style of the house.

This is something to contemplate when renovating or building a home. Selecting timeless finishes can make all the difference.

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