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Interior Finishes as a Backdrop to Your Life.

Not everyone wants to have the same color or color intensity in their homes. Some love a monochrome, natural look. Some like a darker setting while others prefer a bright, colorful space. For this reason, I think it is helpful to think of your interior hard finishes as a backdrop to your life.

Color as backdrop.

Color is the first thing that comes to mind for most clients when discussing their interior finishes. Some people have a strong affinity for bright, vibrant colors and others not so much. In a previous post, Step 5, Understand What Colors You Gravitate Towards, I was explaining how interior natural hard finishes generally fall into two main color categories, brown and gray. These colors will start to “dictate” the direction your interior will move towards.

Think of these two main color categories as your backdrop to your life. Which color feels more like “home” to you? Which one feels like it is the most suitable backdrop to the furnishings you want in your home? Which color reflects the main style of your house?

Adding trendy items.

I like the idea of thinking of finishes as a backdrop. Think of this backdrop as something that doesn’t change over time. Knowing that these finishes will not be changed easily or inexpensively can help clients accept that neutrals are the most versatile option.

Let’s say one spouse or partner has an affinity for bright, vibrant color but the other doesn’t. How do you integrate these two tastes? One approach is to realize that bright, vibrant colors look best against true white and grays. The interior hard finishes can be done in the main category of gray, the trim in a true or blue white and the wall color in a light neutral. All the expensive furnishings can be done in similar neutrals and small, trendy items or inexpensive artwork can be placed in the home in pops of bright, vibrant colors so they don’t overwhelm the feel of the space. These objects will be more easily changed over time. Remember that these items will be produced by manufacturers in colors that are popular due to current fashion trends.

If you are looking for a comprehensive package of hard finish suggestions, shop my various finish schemes for sale. The PDF download is a materials list of coordinated hard finishes and appropriate foundation whites for kitchens or baths. Be sure to get both corresponding rooms if you are planning a complete remodel.





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