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One of my nieces says that she wants a "pristine house", but life happens. My husband and I live with a rambunctious German wire-haired pointer. When he runs through our house with wet feet, I know the floors I have chosen can stand up to the abuse. I am an architect and am in the process of renovating my third home. The selection of hard finishes not only sets the tone for the design of your home but needs to relate to the way you live.


After overhearing couples in the aisles of the tile stores struggle with the large variety of tile choices and colors, I created this website to help homeowners with their biggest design challenge, selecting their hard finishes and color scheme for their home. My blog post, 7 Simple Steps for Selecting Hard Finishes for Your Home, is a great place to start.


I understand selecting hard finishes for your home remodeling project can feel overwhelming. My website offers “ready made” hard finish schemes complete with foundation whites and wall color options. I also offer two services, eDesign and traditional project consultation. Contact me today so we can discuss your project.




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